The Story

It made and unmade a legend. Now what will you make of it…

A widely traveled man who very nearly conquered all of Europe, Napoleon Bonaparte naturally came into the possession of various and sundry items of greater or lesser worth. But of all the precious belongings from his dazzling and extensive collection, none he more prized than a mysterious object he was rumored to have kept on his person at all times – save for when that mysterious object simply vanished, apparently at the least favorable moment.

Few indeed were Napoleon’s military losses, though many his foes, yet each and every loss he attributed to accident, chance, and even fate. When Admiral Horatio Nelson defeated him at sea, he scoffed at the British naval hero’s “good fortune.” When Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, made him taste final defeat at Waterloo, he again passed it off as simple “fate.” Was it pride speaking, or did the Emperor know something his enemies and later historians did not? Could it be, as an obscure and little-known legend suggested, that this mysterious object which had supposedly given him power over his enemies simply disappeared before his each and every defeat?

Come to The Museum 406 and explore its featured exhibit: Napoleon’s Lost Talisman. See on display, for the first time ever, the charmed object which both made and unmade one of history’s greatest characters. Enjoy the sights, solve the riddles, discern the clues, but beware, for the Talisman has a mind of its own, and the time runs out on you.

per person

60 mins

2-6 players

*Whether you book as 2 players, or fill all 5 slots, the room will be completely yours. We will never crossbook you with strangers.