One missing Alice. One mystery. One hour to escape. Open now!

A narrative, interactive entertainment experience, players are placed in one room and receive one hour to solve the room’s mystery through a series of puzzles, riddles, clues and more. Each room has a unique, themed story line that engages participants through the escape room.

Whether you are looking for a unique date night experience, a fun get-together with friends, a team-building corporate event, a bonding family time or an interesting party, Escape 406 is for you! Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned vet, it will be a fun, stimulating experience. Book your escape today!

The master is dead, yet someone, or something remains. Follow your ghostly guide and discover what became of Lord Astor. But do it quickly, or you might share his fate...
It destroyed one of history's most infamous figures. Now it is missing. Find the cursed talisman before the museum closes. Or the world will never be the same...
Recent Winners
“Svedish Meetenbol”
Mystery at Bleakwood Manor
Time: 6 candles burning
“Friend’s Night Out”
Napoleon's Lost Talisman
Time: Plenty of Room to Spare
“Yellowstone Club”
Napoleon's Lost Talisman
Time: 46:24
“Father-Daughter Duo”
Napoleon's Lost Talisman
Time: Just in Time!
“Chubby Bebbies”
Mystery at Bleakwood Manor
Time: 1 Candle Burning
“The Houdinis”
Mystery at Bleakwood Manor
Time: 4 Candles Burning
Napoleon's Lost Talisman
Time: 45:04
“Princess Buttercup”
Napoleon's Lost Talisman
Time: Right before Museum Lockdown!
“Getting Lit” aka “Distinctive Lighting”
Mystery at Bleakwood Manor
Time: 4 Candles Left
“Star Lovers”
Napoleon's Lost Talisman
Time: 42:27
People Talk

What a Blast!

What a blast! The guys have clearly put a ton of work into the room. The puzzles we’re great and really fun. We will undoubtedly go back as new rooms are added.

Had a Blast!

This was my first escape room — but certainly won’t be my last. These guys did an amazing job and certainly got me hooked.

Fabulous design!

Fabulous room design, great immersion, fun and challenging experience. We own EscapeRoomMT and thoroughly enjoyed ouselves. We don’t give 5 stars lightly.

Beautifully done!

The room was designed beautifully and well thought-out. We had a great time! It’s clear these guys didn’t cut any corners putting effort into this place!


These guys did an incredible job on their first room. As a Montana escape room owner myself, I really appreciated the way this room was designed! Great job guys!


Amazing! We had so much fun solving this! The room and decor were beautifully done and the puzzle was challenging! It was by far the most “eye appealing” escape room we have done. It’s obvious that many hours were put into this room! Well done! We will be back for more!


I love puzzles, so it was amazing to experience a “real life” puzzle. The craftsmanship an artistry that went into designing this room actually made me forget that I was in Bozeman. Was absolutely devastated when we solved it and realized it was all over! SO FUN!
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